The Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap™ Live

Speaker(s): Ruth-Ellen Danquah

£ 10000

Included lessons: 20
Level։ intermediate

About live session

Intersectionality is the acknowledgement that unique experiences of discrimination and oppression don't fit into one neat box, and there can be a compound effect of exclusion, so we must consider everything and anything that can marginalise an individual – gender, race, class, age, disability, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc. Intersectional inclusion is important because it allows us to identify social issues at their root cause instead of simply treating the symptoms. 

Without considering all the intersections of an individual's identity, we run the risk of doing more harm than good. For example, a woman of colour with a disability faces not only sexism and racism but also ableism. If we only address sexism, she will still experience discrimination due to her race and disability. However, if we take an intersectional approach, we can start to address the systemic issues that are causing her to be marginalised in the first place. 

This understanding is essential in creating inclusive environments where everyone can feel safe and valued. Additionally, intersectional inclusion recognises that everyone has different needs and perspectives, which helps to create a more dynamic and vibrant workplace. By acknowledging the importance of intersectionality, we can begin to create a more just and equitable workplace for everyone.

The Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap™ is a unique system that helps people managers to build inclusive workplaces in 90 days so that they increase belonging + finally attract, retain & advance their talent with ease. There is no transformation from information without implementation so we break down the 90 days for you to implement, implement & implement!

What you'll learn


The three main stages of my nine-step Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap™ :

  • Stage one is Assess
  • Stage two is Assimilate
  • Stage three is Action


Each stage has three steps broken down as follows;


Step One - This step is called The Clarity Scaffolder, and at the end of this step, you will get clarity on what is sabotaging your inclusion efforts by refining the business need for inclusion without the general corporate social responsibility  "because it's the right thing to do" this will help you reposition, propose and prepare for next steps without having to get buy-in. 

Step Two -  The Performance Elevator is specifying desired performance, and it will help you get clarity on the cultural outcome you desire without focusing your energy on the wrong behaviours and accomplishments.

Step Three - This step of my roadmap is called Reality Analysis and you will save time by acquiring the right get hard data about your current specific culture without wasting time on resources when you may not need to. 



Step Four - Step four of my roadmap is called Identity Gap & Factors this is where you will be engineering effective performance. You will use investigative tools that help you define and determine the factors so that they can eliminate the gap between desired and actual performance without using tools which are prone to biases and skewing data.

Step Five -  This step is called  Interventions Identification, and this will help you identify cost savings.  You will identify interventions, and it will help you quickly turn intervention ideas into viable solutions without months of indecisiveness.

Step Six - This step of the roadmap is called the Interventions Matrix this is where you have complete clarity on the feasibility of interventions, and it will help you implement interventions that align with the business need without wasting money on interventions with no clear ROI



Step Seven - This step is called Impactful Inclusion Initiatives, and the core currency for this step is  ROI.  This is where you create a flood of strategic initiatives without wasting money on initiatives that don't have a clear ROI.

Step Eight - Step eight of my roadmap is called  Implementation Nation, and this will save you time. You will discover how to   gather the right team, and it will help you instil motivation for high adoption of initiatives without pulling teeth

Step Nine - This step is called Inclusion Mastery this step will help you with retention. This is where you double your retention without initiative frustration because of all the great work you've already done, this will be easier as it involves shifting what's not working and amplifying what is.


Included lessons


Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Ruth-Ellen helps companies go from confusion to inclusion her work with some of the biggest names in business lends itself to containers full of practical takeaways which were previously proven to optimise inclusion practices. Ruth-Ellen’s techniques have also developed and delivered coaching, meditation & mental well-being programmes for The Trinnovo group,  British Dyslexia Association, The Diverse Creative, The London Business School to name a few. 

Her movement comprises of creating psychologically safe spaces & equipping powerhouses to take up more space while equipping ally's to hold space so that everyone can belong without having to fit in she does this using her Celebrated Not Tolerated frameworks, via coaching, training and consulting services.