Anti-Racist Work & Dyslexia: A discussion on breaking systemic barriers

Speaker(s): Ruth-Ellen Danquah


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Systemic barriers stop people from different backgrounds from getting dyslexia support, so what are the leaders within the space doing? There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to dismantle racism in our society, and dyslexia often goes unnoticed in these conversations as the intersectional conversation often gets ignored. We hope that this discussion will shed some light on the importance of dyslexia and the anti-racist work that is happening to change the conversation that often excludes all voices.



Our panellist:

CEO Diversity & Ability - Atif Choudhury

Chair of its Board of Trustees British Dyslexia Association - Michelle Catterson 

Neurodiverse Advocate - Tahirah Yasin

Inspirational International Speaker - Keisha Adair Swaby

What you'll learn

Learn how leaders who work within the world of Dyslexia are breaking systemic barriers and promoting equity for those from all backgrounds in education and work.


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Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Ruth-Ellen Danquah’s work with some of the biggest names in business lends itself to memorable workshops full of practical takeaways which were previously proven to optimise inclusion practices. Ruth-Ellen’s techniques have also developed and delivered coaching, meditation & mental well-being programmes for British Dyslexia Association, The Diverse Creative, The London Business School as well as delivered hundreds of hours of coaching. 


She supports people managers to create psychologically safe spaces & powerhouses to take up more space so that they can belong without having to fit in she does this using her Celebrated Not Tolerated frameworks, via coaching, training and consulting services.