[Insight Timer Live] ABC - Acceptance, Belonging & Compassion [EFT Session]

Speaker(s): Ruth-Ellen Danquah


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Level։ beginner

About live session

There are a lot of different techniques that you can use to reduce anxiety, but one of the most effective is emotional freedom technique (EFT) otherwise known by tapping. 

In this session, we will be going through two rounds of EFT tapping to help you release any anxiety that you may be feeling.


EFT tapping is a healing technique that involves tapping on specific points on the body while focusing on positive affirmations. This helps to balance the energy in the body and releases any negative emotions that may be causing anxiety. The tapping points are usually located on the head, face, chest, and hands, and you can tap with your fingers.

As you tap on each point, say aloud or to yourself a positive affirmation as you focus on a specific worry or fear that you want to release. After two rounds of tapping, you should feel calmer and more relaxed. If you find that your anxiety comes back, you can always do another round of tapping. Remember, there is no wrong way to do EFT tapping, so just go with what feels right for you.

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Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Ruth-Ellen helps companies go from confusion to inclusion her work with some of the biggest names in business lends itself to containers full of practical takeaways which were previously proven to optimise inclusion practices. Ruth-Ellen’s techniques have also developed and delivered coaching, meditation & mental well-being programmes for The Trinnovo group,  British Dyslexia Association, The Diverse Creative, The London Business School to name a few. 

Her movement comprises of creating psychologically safe spaces & equipping powerhouses to take up more space while equipping ally's to hold space so that everyone can belong without having to fit in she does this using her Celebrated Not Tolerated frameworks, via coaching, training and consulting services.